Becoming a channel for Spirit to come through enables me to provide you with direct messages from various Light Beings such as Angels, Ascended Masters, High dimensional Galactic Beings, your Higher Self and your Spirit Guides.

Channelling is different to psychic readings, in the sense that it is mainly an energy transmission, triggering shifts, healing and attunements for the highest good of the client.

This method often provides a perspective that is otherwise difficult to access due to the fact that these higher dimensional Light Beings from have a broader perception than humans.

This also means that you won't necessarily receive the type of answer that you are looking for, but the information that is actually helpful for you at that time, coming from the pure, loving and non-biased perspective of the Divine Wisdom. 

Please be assured that, as an experienced energy worker, I can clearly identify the nature of the energy coming through and that the Beings that I am channelling are always of high vibration and of 100% Pure Light. 

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