Please choose your prefered drawing frame for the reading and download it by clicking on the respective preview image from the list below. Please print it on an A4 sheet and no smaller. Have fun with it! You can use whatever tools you like (pencils, pens, coloured pencils, felt tip pens etc), there is absolutely no constraint in this regard.

After completing the drawing, please send a scanned copy or photograph to contact@namurasworld.com for the reading.

In case of a photo, please make sure it is clear, straight and properly reflects the shapes and colours of the drawing.

Please fill in your full name, date of birth and the date the drawing is made on the template provided.

This is required to facilitate easier access to your energy field in view of the reading.

Namura's World will not use your data for commercial purposes or to send advertising content, without your prior consent.

All your data, as well as the content of the reading itself is confidential and will not be shared with a third party.

The Seed of Life.jpg



The Seed of Life is a Sacred Geometry symbol, acting as a blueprint for all life forms. Therefore, it is very easy for us to connect with it at a subconscious level.

Colouring this pattern not only will facilitate hidden messages from your Inner Self to come up on the surface, but it will also make you feel more expansive and empowered.

Wings of Change.jpg



Change doesn't always come easy and can sometimes be frightening. This can create mental blockages that will make us feel stuck and confused.

Drawing can help us go beyond the fear and reveal our soul's true desires.

Clear your mind and draw yourself the most beautiful wings you can imagine. 

Your Guardian Angel.jpg



Your Guardian Angel sits always by your side, protecting and guiding you. His messages are loving and clear and always for your highest good.

Please set the intention to connect with him and then start drawing and/or colouring on the template provided.

Pay attention to any messages that you may receive.

The Mandala.jpg



Mandalas are seen as representations of the universe and the process of creating a mandala is in itself a meditation.

With each circle, we are getting closer to the centre, while opening connections into the vastness of the universal energy.

I recommend that you see this frame only as a base and allow your intuition to guide you in your drawing.

The Subconcious Mind.jpg


Please complete this drawing using only your non-dominant hand (your left hand if you're right-handed and vice-versa).

Allow yourself to be free, don't be afraid of making mistakes and trust that every line and shape is coming out perfectly.

This exercise will enable you to by-pass your critical mind and utilise your intuition to access your subconscious.

Time after time.jpg



We are continuously flowing through space and time, as each step that we take shapes our reality.

Understanding the connections between the various situations that we encounter, can help us navigate a lot easier throughout life.

Allow yourself as much time as you need to complete this drawing and try to experiment with various tools.