Namura is constantly undertaking energy work for the benefit of Gaia and of the whole human race and a lot of it includes bringing through Light Language codes and sequences. These can come in different ways, shapes or forms and you can find a few examples in this section.

To access the encoded energy, all you would have to do is as follows:

- Be present with the Light Language Code to connect with it (look at it or hold your non-dominant hand on top of it)

- Have a clear intention to allow for the healing / attunement to be transferred through your Higher Self and into your energy field

- Breathe the embedded energy into your heart centre

All these 3 steps are actually concurrent, and you will usually feel the shift in your energy field straight away, so just relax and notice any feelings, messages ot thoughts that are coming through during the process.

I invite you to connect as you feel guided and you can find more codes on Namura's World Facebook Page.

You are welcome to share and distribute them freely and please keep in mind that by choosing to give credits to Namura's World for it, supports my future work.

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