Namura's Intuitive Healing Art is channeled from Higher Frequency  States of Consciousness, to serve the well being of a speciffic individual, as required.

Angelic Reiki is being channelled for the same purpose over a period of a few days, and this energy is subsequently being transferred into the drawing in a frame of no space and time and in perfect resonance with the image.

In order to further assist you with the whole process, you will also receive a channeled message, which will offer you some insights into the healing that is taking place.

For the recipient, the energy transfer happens instantly and the process is all very simple.

All you would have to do is as follows:

- Look at the drawing or hold your non-dominant hand above it

- Have a clear intention to receive healing for your highest good

- Breathe in the embedded energy 

All these 3 steps are actually concurrent, so while you are welcome to enjoy and take as much time as you wish to take, the whole process doesn't actually need to be longer than a few seconds.

You can connect to the image as many times as you wish to, as the healing energy in each drawing will be active as long as it is necessary for the highest good of the person receiving it.

Please be advised that, due to the multidimensional aspect of Angelic Reiki, while you might instantly feel the healing energy, significant effects are also likely to appear over the next following days or even weeks.

Below you can find the some examples and clicking on the vignettes will transfer you to Namura's World Facebook page, where you can visualise the full images. 



I now lovingly embrace all my past and future experiences and I allow them to be integrated in my present moment.

Archangel Zadkiel and the Violet Flame

181224_Divine presence.jpg


Christmas is about embracing our true divine nature and allowing its manifestation into our reality.

Archangel Gabriel



Lovingly accept all your emotions and they will melt away to reveal the stillness of your soul.

Archangel Uriel



Let go of your sorrow, to make room for love to come through. 

Archangel Azrael



Have the courage to be yourself and you will realise that you are one of the creators of the ever expanding universe.

Archangel Michael



Love is the only force that exists in the Universe. Everything else is just the illusion of separation.

Archangel Chamuel

180917_Sacred geometry.jpg


Your every aspect is being now realigned to your original divine blueprint.

Archangel Metatron



We are all one, yet we are not the same.
We are different aspects of the same...



Namura's Art can be comissioned to benefit yourself or another person, however, please note that in the latter case, that person's prior consent is required. 

A 10 minutes assessement session with the receiving person is required prior to developing the healing infused art. This is included in the displayed price and it can be undertaken via online video call (preferably but not mandatory) or phone voice call.

The drawing will be sent to the recepient within 7-10 days from the date of the initial consultation either in electronic form or as an original copy by mail.

Please be assured that both modalities are equally effective and powerful. 

Cost of Namura's Healing Art:

Electronic copy - high resolution +

Audio channelled message

(sent  via WeTransfer) - GBP 100


Original drawing within

A4 simple black frame and

clear perspex sheet  +

Audio channelled message

(sent by Royal Mail) - GBP 111

If you prefer a different format or have any other enquiries, please email me to discuss the details.