Namura's Intuitive Guidance is aimed to support your spiritual journey, by revealing and providing understanding into the aspects that are otherwise difficult to acknowledge. This information can therefore be of great assistance in the process of self healing and personal growth. 

The messages can refer to the present, future or past and they can also bring about situations from other lives, times, spaces and / or dimensions.

Whatever comes through is directly referring to the person being read, as it is involving a connection with that person's own energy.

The form in which the information presents itself will also vary from case to case, as to accommodate and serve the specific person and situation in the best possible way.

There are many ways of doing readings and all of them are equally accurate and effective.

The ones presented below are among the most common ones and please feel free to choose the type that most appeals to you.

There is nothing in particular that a client would need to do in order for the reading to 'work', however it is helpful if they are open to it, as this is providing an easier access to their energy. 

Thank you for understanding that out of respect for people's privacy, I will not be agreeing to using my psychic abilities to acquire information referring to people that are not present, without their prior consent.

To find out more about the various types of readings, please click on the images below.



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The readings can be done face to face or via online video platforms, which most people find to be very convenient, as there is no need to travel. This also allows people to actively interact, ask questions and / or comment on the information received.

For those who lack the time and / or level of privacy required for a live reading, there is also an option of having the reading recorded without their participation and subsequently sent to them within a week.

If you are interested in this option, you are welcome to call or email me to discuss the details. 

Duration and cost of Namura's readings:

15 min reading - GBP 20

30 min reading - GBP 30



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