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Quantum Healing with Light

These sessions are a combination of written / drawn and spoken / sung Light Language and they take place via online video platforms.

The codes are being channelled live, speciffically for the person who requires them.

You will receive a recording of the audio channeling and images in electronic form of the drawn symbols, so that you can utilise them for further healing, and this is because Light Language does evolve as to adapt to you own evolution.

During the session, your personal Codes will be imprinted in your energy field, so you will naturally connect to them going forward.

To access the energy that is encoded in the drawing, all you would have to do is as follows:

- Be present with the Light Language Code to connect with it (look at it or hold your non-dominant hand on top of it)

- Have a clear intention to allow for the healing / attunement to be transferred through your Higher Self and into your energy field

- Breathe the embedded energy into your heart centre

All these 3 steps are actually concurrent, and you will usually feel the shift in your energy field straight away, so just relax and notice any feelings, messages ot thoughts that are coming through during the process.



The session can be undertaken via online video platforms or offline (in which case please provide me with your full name and a recent picture of yourself).

Following the transmission, you will receive the recording of the audio channeling, together with a private report containing guidance for further use of your Light Language and pictures of your channelled Light Codes in electronic form.

You can also choose to receive the original version on paper for the latter one, which will be sent to you by Royal Mail (postage fees apply).

15 min session - GBP 20

30 min session - GBP 30



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