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Creator's Choice

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

*Channelling my Spirit Guides*

Our purpose it not to let you fall into the darkness, but to guide you through it.

Imagine that you are struggling to get out of something and you can’t see the way out. That’s where many of you are now. You are in a labyrinth of your own mind, full of fears and fog. According to your mind, you have no way out, because your point of view is at the level of your fears, which make up the labyrinth’s walls.

In order to see the way out, you need to rise above it. Once you rise above it, not only you can figure out the labyrinth, but there’s no need for you to do it anymore.

You are out and you can move freely in any direction.

You can choose to follow the path of the maze, but you don’t have to, it becomes irrelevant.

You see, your mind is struggling to solve a puzzle that it has created itself. But the truth is that it doesn’t need to be that complicated. These are the mind games: making things complicated, creating puzzles and mazes.

You can free yourself from this by simply choosing to drop the need to solve a complicated problem. Instead of looking in front or behind you, look upwards. Aim your attention, your focus and your energy upwards.

Look for the Sun while you ground yourself through your feet. Draw in the sunlight and the life of the Earth.

This is grounding and centering you. It is also reconnecting you with the Source of Light. As above, so below.

Be in this state. Just be.

Breathe in the energy of Sun and the Earth, let it fill you from above and below. Let it meet itself in your Heart and that’s how you meet Your Self.

Just let it happen. Don’t try to make it happen. Your intention and allowance will automatically engage this process. Let it unfold. Let yourself unfold.

Be. Just be. Drop your questions. All of them. Drop your need to know. There is nothing to solve. There is nothing to find out. There’s nothing missing that needs to be retrieved.

Be. Just be. That’s your way out… through your Presence.

Choose to be present. Choose to be.

That’s the Creator’s Choice.

We love you!

*Excerpt from Namura's upcoming book "The Experience of Consciousness"

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