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2019 took us through a swirl of situations, emotions, clearings and activations, to get us to fully recognise and embody our empowered Divine Self. What a ride!

We’re now heading towards an amazing 2020, a year that promises to be beyond our wildest imagination and unfold our most authentic gifts and magic.


These readings can be channelings, psychic readings, cards readings, drawing readings or a combination of all the above, and they are aimed to provide you with guidance and insights as to how to navigate easier through 2020.


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This is a combination of channeling the Galactic Ascension Group and intuitive art embedded with Light Language codes and Angelic Energies, as guided by Ascended Masters.
The year 2020 is a transition of Light, in a sense of intensive learning.
You have been through a process of clearing, removing old patterns, pain and obstacles from your path and energy field, and this has enabled you to become aware of your Divine Presence. This is enabling you to stand tall in your truth, to embrace your life as an endless source of potential, as an endless source of creative experiences and as the endless Source that you are.
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The music in the background of the audio channeling is from the album "The Silent Path" by Robert Haig Coxon.

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The year ahead looks very exciting and quite different to what we’ve experienced so far. It comes through as a year of change and profound transformation. We finally get to harvest the fruits of our work from the previous years (especially from 2018) and we have now the opportunity to see our life unfolding in accordance to our true self.

That being said, it’s completely up to us how we experience 2019. Given the massive changes that lie ahead of us, as a result of the recent planetary frequency shift, some of us may still have trouble adjusting to it. Change can be scary, as it removes us from our comfort zone and makes us face the unknown. As usually, the more we try to fight the change, the more painful it will be, and this year’s energy is meant as a final wake up call, so it can be particularly challenging.

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