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Here and now, we are living unprecedented times as Conscious Creators of the New Earth.

Individually and collectively, we are wrapping up a long cycle of suffering and we are stepping into the higher vibration of Love and Freedom. We are witnessing all the old structures and frames collapsing in front of our very eyes, while being engaged in an intensive process of learning how to navigate our new unfolding reality.

We are remembering who we are. We are finally able to recognise ourselves as Divine Presence.

In the midst of all these energies, I invite you to take a deep breath... and another one... and to remember that we are all in this together, each of us doing their part to the best of their abilities. So be kind and compassionate to everyone and everything around you, but most and foremost to yourself.

My part at this time is to support and guide with love and honesty anyone who is committed to following their own Truth and assuming their own Personal Power.

I truly believe that the highest service that we can provide for the Earth and mankind is the work that we are doing on ourselves. It's only when we feel safe and loved that our Hearts are free to open and expand and that's what brings out our true power and full potential. That's when we become magical. That's when we shine.


Our Highest Path and Purpose is to be Happy. It's all about Joy! 

Disclaimer: As much as the results can be often amazing, Namura's World's services are not meant to replace any sort of medical treatments and therapies. At the same time, Namura's World doesn't assume any liability for the misuse of the services and / or information provided.

* For more information on the services, please click on the images below.

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The Light Therapy Sessions are very fluid in structure, combining Energy Healing with Spiritual Guidance and Light Language and utilising various methods in order to provide the best frame for empowerment and growth.

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Light Language is working at quantum level, accessing and activating our core sacred blueprints, structures, frequencies and codes, therefore restoring the awareness of the true power of our Presence as Light.


Angelic Reiki is a multidimensional energy flow establishing a space of pure angelic love, which is enabling each of us to restore our natural state of balance and realign to a state of perfect health and harmony at all levels.

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Namura's Intuitive Healing Art is infused with Light Language codes and algorithms, channeled from higher frequency states of consciousness, for the highest good of those who are open and willing to engage with it.

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The Guidance coming from Spirit is  bringing in insights from a higher perspective to assist us in our journey. The messages are always coming together with the energy that is needed for their proper integration.

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The classes are offering a safe and pure environment for receiving insights and healing and  powerful activations.

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