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I am Namura, a spiritual teacher, advisor and healer in service of Gaia and all her inhabitants.

I have been able to perceive the Spirit world and communicate with it since I was a child, which has enabled me to understand and believe that there is more to our world than meets the eye.

Ever since, my journey has been filled with amazing experiences, which helped me develop and grow, by further expanding my perception and opening my connection into the higher realms. The paths I took were not always the easiest ones, as sometimes one needs to face their deepest fears in order to see the beauty that lies beneath them.

However, I was always guided through my lows and highs by my Spirit Guides, the Angels and other Light Beings and, at the same time, I have come across a number of wonderful people who helped me and inspired me and to whom I am endlessly grateful.

My name is Ioana Soltuz, I'm Romanian and I moved to London in 2015, driven by my career as an architect.

It wasn't until later, that I came to realize that the real reason behind this change was to be in the right place and meet the right people to further progress on my spiritual path and purpose.

Recently, I have been guided to move to Glastonbury to continue and expand my energy work, so you can find me in here most of the time. However, I am still undertaking sessions and workshops in London and also considering other locations, as my goal is to be as service as much as I can be.


Many years ago, I came across the name Namura in one of my journeys through the spirit world and it immediately felt right, as to me it is encoding the frequency of my Higher Self in its pure state.

From an early age, my connection to the spiritual world led me to explore various meditation, healing and readings techniques, both on my own and by attending spiritual development workshops and classes.

Being driven to further help others, I therefore got trained as an Archangel Life Coach, Angelic Medium (classes by Charles Virtue) and as an energy healer practitioner through the Angelic Reiki Association.

I am constantly working with Light Language, Sacred Geometry, crystals and other high vibrational tools and methods and most of my work is based on the guidance received through channeling various high vibration Light Beings, including my Higher Self.

I find working with other people extremely inspiring, as everyone is going through an unique journey, which holds endless lessons. I also love sharing my own experiences and helping people tap into the magic around us, which can lead to a lot of joy.

I welcome you into my world of light with open arms and I'm looking forward to walking alongside you in your amazing journey!