Namura x

Powerful and insightful session. A very genuine and connected energy that goes deep and wide and is very beautiful - it was a wonderful experience. I highly recommend it.

Also I just love the light codes - it’s so special and delighting.

Joanna, Canada

She really is a natural psychic intuitive.
Just had a blissful Angelic Reiki session with her, in a peaceful calm setting. I am feeling wonderful after.
She takes quality time with you to really listen and gave me insights that I really resonate with and will use along my journey. Thank You!

Siobhan, UK

I had the most amazing channelling experience with Namura. Although it was a short ‘taster’ of 15 minutes, the energy I felt was immediately very high as she began the session.
She connected to the Arcturians, which have been in my awareness recently. Accurate information came through for confirmation, as I had asked for clarity.
I was also then surprised by a beautifully strong connection to experience my higher self.
This is as close as it gets to a blissful feeling! It was very profound and powerful.
I would thoroughly recommend having a session with Namura. Her presence feels very genuine and humble. I will definitely be booking regular sessions in the future.
Thank you Namura for a wonderful connection. You have a great gift.

Emma, UK

Namura is really gifted, it was great to meet her, would recommend her Angelic Reiki sessions, she listens to her intuition and gives you insights at the end of the session. The session is peaceful but powerful and would definitely recommend. Thank you!

Dora, UK

I just attended Namura's online zoom/ workshop "The Empowered Empath" and had one of the most powerful experience on my spiritual journey...
She is an amazing Teacher, very well built up, lots of information and an amazing meditation with Light Language channeled through...
Thank you very much Namura!

Heidi, UK

Namura is an extremely talented, caring and perceptive healer.
Every time I received healing from her I felt uplifted and grounded at the same time. Once the day after receiving some healing from her I was positively glowing!

Giulia, UK

Namura is extremely talented in her spiritual guidance and gifts. She has a VERY strong ability to HEAL people. She helped me heal tremendously after a heartbreak. She is gifted!!
You are a very powerful healer and thinker and my life has never nor will ever be the same since meeting you.

Holly, USA

Powerful healing and activations. Very happy with the service. Highly recommended.

Victoria, UK

Attending to her workshop was one of my best decisions! Not only I had a high-quality knowledge intake, I have also discovered the root of my fears! For that alone, I can’t thank you enough! I highly recommend Namura and her services!

She’s there with you and for you!

Diana, UK

It made me feel joyful and supported and gave me a sense that things are coming together. I feel my whole right hemisphere pulsing and my heartbeat has increased.

The energy is quite strong. I see in it balance, movement, continuous evolution and blooming.

(on a healing drawing)

Oana, Romania

This made me have a rush of emotions and made me cry!

Healing emotions & vulnerability is what I feel with this.

 Wow... this is powerful!

(on a healing drawing)

Lynsey, UK


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