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Healing art: Services
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Healing art: Services


Namura's Intuitive Healing Art is infused with Pure Light channelled from Higher Frequency States of Consciousness and anchored into the drawings through codes and algorithms.

To benefit from its effects, all you would have to do is as follows:

  • Look at the drawing or hold your non-dominant hand above it.

  • Have a clear intention to allow for your connection to the drawing to trigger the healing and alignments in your energy field that are for your highest good at this time.

  • Breathe in the embedded energy and relax into it, allowing for it to travel through you freely.

You are welcome to connect to each image on different occasions and as many times as you feel guided / inclined to. You might discover that each time you might have a slightly different experience, since the contained Light is alive, adjusting and evolving to suit your needs at each and every moment. 
In the same way, due to the multidimensional nature of the encoded energy, while you might instantly feel an instant connection that triggers a sense of well being, significant effects and shifts are also likely to appear over the next following days or even weeks. 

You can find more details and instructions for each drawing by clicking on its respective image below.

Healing art: About


Namura's drawings can be bought on Etsy as posters or printed on other items. 

If you would like a specific drawing printed on a specific item, please get in touch to discuss, as my shop ByNamura is still growing and there are a lot more options than currently featured (including clothing items).

Original bespoke drawings can be commissioned on demand.

Payments can be made cash, via PayPal at

or through bank transfer.

VD The Way of the Light.jpg
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