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As part of this unique and massive ascension process, we are being faced with energies and situations that are challenging us in many ways, for the purpose of preparing us the new reality that we are all creating together at this time.

Many of us are awakening to their own truth, abilities and potential, while also working on healing past wounds and releasing karmic ties.

This can easily become overwhelming and confusing and that's where having the support  of Spirit can be of tremendous help. Their guidance always comes from a place of unconditional love and absolutely no judgement and its main purpose is to enable us to recognise our own value and power, so that we can unfold our true potential and magic.

Aside from delivering information, these sessions are infused with the pure energy that naturally comes through when connecting into the Higher Realms of the Light, which is in itself very healing and empowering and can create shifts on a very deep level.

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The mentorship program is a combination of guidance and teaching, with a very strong undelaying healing aspect, addressing those who feel that they can benefit from a more systematic approach in their spiritual journey.

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The Guidance coming from Spirit is  bringing in insights from a higher perspective to assist us in our journey. The messages are always coming together with the energy that is needed for their proper integration.

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When Spirit is speaking directly through a channel, they are able to relay information from their higher (lighter) perspective, which is usually inaccessible to most of us, while also delivering the energy that is needed to integrate that message.

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The readings based on your own drawings are not only fun but also very helpful, particularly with revealing aspects of your subconscious mind that are ready to be acknowledged and healed, some of which could even pertain to other lifetimes.

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The Spiritual Guidance sessions vary in duration

and they can be undertaken in person or online.

30min session - GBP 40

60min session - GBP 60

The schedule for longer term spiritual guidance and

mentorship programs will be agreed privately.​

Payments can be made cash, via PayPal at

or through bank transfer.

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