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Light Bridge for your Dreams

The encoded energy in this image has the potential, once activated, to create a Golden Light Bridge between the version of your reality as you currently perceive it and the version in which your dream is manifested and fully anchored in the physical dimension.

While connecting to the drawing, formulate a clear image of your dream in your mind’s eye and allow the light sequences to carry it into your upper chakras, starting with your Third Eye, further into your Crown and all the way into your Soul Star chakra. (You don’t need to do anything about it, trust that your allowance is enough).

Keep your focus on the image of your dream and start intoning out loud the sound of your Soul (which will be a pure sound that comes naturally to you at this time). The sound waves will expand and multiply the image of your dream through their reverberation, effectively creating this bridge between the Spirit realm and the physical plane.

More so, the codes in the drawing are designed to remove any mental blockages that might create obstacles to your dream being manifested and also to fully ground your creation.

Keep intoning your sound, let it reverberate through you and out of you. As you do that, you may start having a sense of being carried through this bridge, getting closer an closer to the point of your manifested dream, until you fully merge with it through time and space.

Let yourself flow and be carried, don’t try to get there, allow for all of this to occur naturally and, most and foremost, enjoy the process.

Be like a child, excited and curious, allowing for the possibility that what you’ll encounter on the other side might not be exactly what you’re expecting, but trusting that it will bring about the best version of dream. Remember, your creation will alter your reality, so be open to receive the fruits of your creation in their true form.

Let your dream be what it needs to be, let it be bigger and wider and more beautiful than you can imagine. Let it change your whole life, your whole reality and allow yourself to get fully immersed in it.

Open your perception through all your senses to the reality of your manifested dream.

And remember: you are the dreamer, the dream, the bridge and your whole reality!



PS The stones around the drawing are Turmaline crystals imprinted with Karuna Reiki symbols, creating a safe space and supporting this process of your manifestation.

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