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The Ascension Portal

* Channelling the Hathors in conjunction with the energy of the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. *

"We are the Hathors.

We are coming to bring the confirmation of the birth of a new cycle, which is integrating your newly gained awareness, abilities, understanding.

We are bestowing upon you a blessing of love, which holds the key to your becoming.

We are here to assist you and join you as you witness the activation of the Great Ascension Gate.

We are bringing in Codes. These are numbers corresponding to frequencies, sequences that are activating your final Gate of Ascension.

When we say “final”, we don’t mean that there won’t be more steps, gates, portals or levels of openness, awareness and acceptance to be gained. By “final”, we mean that this is a time to make your final choice about who you wish to be, how much you allow yourself to recognise from who you are and how far are you willing to go on this path. This is your final chance to make a choice, to make use of your Free Will and step into your powers... or not.

These frequency codes that we are talking about are indeed activating the Circle of Light that you have seen connecting through the pyramids of Giza and through other sacred places, known and unknown around the world, circling in this case the Indian Ocean, opening a vortex into the body of the Earth, and coming out onto the other side, as a double funnel.

This vortexes are, as we said, opening a Gate into information that has been stored into the Earth’s core, following the Fall of Atlantis. There has been a need for new gates and portals to be set up on the Earth’s grid and new arrangements to be prepared for further moments of activation, when people would be coming to a critical mass of joined perception and higher vibration.

That moment has been reached, therefore the Gate can open. This Eclipse, this alignment of the Sun, Moon and the Earth is attracting, is channelling the right frequencies for this Portal to be activated. However, what it is truly needed and mandatory for this activation to occur is your choice, as we said. It is the Free Will that has the power to decide whether this activation is going to occur or not.

There are many species from this Galaxy watching you, holding the space for you at this time. We are the Hathors and we are also joined by our Sirian brothers, Pleiadian brothers, Arcturian brothers… and sisters. We don’t differentiate this much between genders, but, at this time, this activation is engaging a transmutation of the masculine aspects and powers on the level of the Human Kind.

It is the wounded masculine aspect that has caused much pain in the last Era and it deserves now to gain healing, peace and to be honoured for what it is. The empowered Masculine can then support the Feminine in its creation, expand, drive, and forge the New Earth that the Feminine is birthing.

We are here to help you reinstate your balance and this can only be reinstated through love: unconditional, pure love for everything and everyone, including and starting with yourself.

Everything that you can dream of, everything that is not even dreamt or foreseen, is already next to you, but you can’t see it until you are a match in frequency with whatever you want to have in your life. You know this, you have heard this before, but it is now the time to actually live this, express it and learn to actually utilise it.

All that you need to create and all that you can ever create is yourself. Create yourself in the image of God and you will see the Kingdom of God all around you. Dream yourself in your highest power, creativity, balance, wisdom, acceptance and you will see this all around you. It is all about seeing. It is all about learning to modulate your vibration so that your perception is shifted, your senses are shifted, your emotions, your bodies, your minds are shifted to resonate together in harmony.

You see, the harmony can only open and happen within yourself. The harmony between different aspects of yourself, different bodies of yourself, different planes of yourself is the only state of harmony and balance that needs and can be achieved.

Focus on your life, observe it. Observe yourself, your body, your mind, your emotions with love: infinite, pure, unconditional love (as we are observing you) and you will be blessed with the State of your Divine Presence. Let yourself receive your blessing, right here, right now, and our blessing, right here, right now, so that you can make your choice from your state of your highest truth and freedom.

We are giving you the Codes, but remember: It is only your Will that can make them work. Your Will is the Key. Expect miracles to occur once you make your choice.

The Gate, the Vortex, the double funnel connecting into the Earth’s core is opening through you, though your bodies, through the Earth’s bodies, merged as one, through your Free Will.

This is your Life, your Future, your Choice, in the name of the Divine Presence of all there is, in the name of the Light.

We love you. Blessed be!

Thank you for your Presence and connection.


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