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The Lion's Gate

* Channelling the Sirian Council of Light*

The energies that are being released at this time from the Higher Realms of Light into the denser levels of your reality are propelling you into a new direction, should you choose to allow for it.

This direction is bringing you freedom from conditioned thinking, which is in turn enabling expansion and growth. It’s setting you free and breaking you out of the limitations that your minds have imposed on yourselves, your lives and the extent of your experiences.

Without limitation, you are able to access infinite abundance, through a process of integration in your perception and embodiment of that which your mind has been unable to encompass before.

This process has been ongoing for a while, as you know. This Gate is opening a new level of awareness.

Your mind and your body are being upgraded and this is triggering the shifts of reality that we were talking about.

We are working closely with many of you, in the Higher Realms, a lot more than you realise.

Lately, many of you have been experiencing a sense of being suspended in space and time, without having many clues about what you are supposed to be doing or what is coming your way next, even if you are already perceiving the energy of change.

This is because you are now being prepared. As we said, your minds and bodies are being upgraded and this is a process that requires a lot of energy in itself.

There is purging, healing, alignment, reconfiguration. This is all needed for you to be able to resonate with the next phase of your expansion, individually and collectively.

Surrender, drop the struggle, the need to know, control and figure out things. Give yourself the space that you need during this period of adjustments. Everything will go a lot smoother if you do.

Stop blaming yourself. Stop judging yourself. Give yourself a break. Breathe and let go of your resistance. You are safe and supported.

We are here with you and we are looking forward to working together further more.

Blessings to all!

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