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Aligning with your Life Purpose

* Channelling Spirit Guides*

Life Purpose alignment


We are representing a Collective of Light, guiding you at this time, working closely with you and to you and we greet you.

Respect your past, your realisations, your accomplishments, your work. Respect yourself, to allow for growth and expansion.

Clear your mind of interruptions, distractions and distortions,, to allow for clarity and Truth to become prevalent in your perception.

Respect Yourself, your boundaries, your skills, your intelligence, your talents.

By acknowledging your growth, you are able to integrate your experiences into your Soul’s genetic fabric; that means into the make up of your Soul, which is ever evolving, shifting and re-designing itself, as it experiences different facets of manifested existence.

Allow your body to guide you, but not trap you.

Feel the freedom that comes from not identifying yourself with your body, with your mind, with your accomplishments, with your goals.

These are all elements in your experience, but they are not defining who you really are.

You are beyond all this and so much more. You are capable of so much more than all of this.

Don’t trap yourself in the confines of these elements. Rather, let them contribute to your expansion, through exploration and experience.

See yourself for what you are, a Soul with no boundaries and limitations, trapped by a twisted perception of reality.

In order to align with your Destiny and Life Purpose, you need to be able to resonate with it. This requires this level of perception of the boundless, limitless, ever expansive, ever growing, ever changing Being that you are.

This is what is required, because it holds the essence, the Truth of who you are and it is through this essence and Truth of your core and nature that resonance is achieved.

What is coming for the 11:11 is a game for you to play; not for the mind to figure out, but for the mind to let unfold.

Release the burden of your expectations, they weigh heavily on you and keep you trapped into a very narrow and confined space, outside of the Truth of your nature.

This ends up moving you further away from your Destined Path, because of the lack of resonance.

Creation is boundless and limitless, same as you. This is the Truth that you need to hold in your space, so that the space that you are creating is being born out of this Truth and infused with its frequency.

The details are not important as such, because without the Presence of Truth and the resonance that it creates, nothing will work in the sense of coherence with your Destined Path.

Focus on yourself and on your boundless, limitless nature and let all your experiences be part of this and nothing more.

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