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The Ray of God - Clear Light Attunement

*This transmission was recorded live during the online group session on 05.06.2021, at Namura's Light Rooms.

As part of our ascension process, we are continuously receiving energy inflows and downloads at planetary level, which are being anchored and embedded in the collective consciousness. These are often encompassing frequencies and codes that can be perceived as unfamiliar and require a level of adjustment.

We now find ourselves in between two powerful eclipses, a Lunar and a Solar one and it feels like this is opening our perception to the Ray of God, which is of Clear Light, the purest frequency in the spectrum. This Cosmic Ray is not only very clearing, but also very expansive in a multidimensional way, containing in itself the potential of all other frequencies.

This Light Language transmission is creating an attunement to integrate the codes that are becoming available to us at this time through the channel of this Ray, with the intention of creating the space for our highest timelines to be manifested.

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