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Feed your weaknesses

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

*Channelling my Spirit Guides*

Despite the very common sense idea that, in order to thrive, you need to focus as much as possible on your strengths and put a lot of energy and effort into improving your abilities, feeding your weak aspects at the same time is of key importance.

We are talking here about all your versions that you have deemed unworthy at any given time: the you who didn’t have the courage to stand up for yourself, the you who made that awfully wrong choice, the you who didn’t know better, the you who got angry and threw a tantrum at the worst possible time, the you who cheated and lied once or many times.

… The you that you despise, that makes you feel shame and guilt, that you wish never existed…

… The weak, the coward, the grumpy, the unreasonable.

That’s the one who needs the most nurturing, that’s the one who was most deprived of love, of understanding, of acceptance.

The courageous you, the brilliant you, the empowered you, the peaceful you are all fine. They have been acknowledged, praised and maybe even rewarded.


It’s only when you are willing to look at your weakest moments, at your lowest times with complete honesty, that you can start having true compassion for yourself and for everything else that’s alive.

It’s when you can completely drop your guard that you can become completely humbled in front of your Self, your Human Self. That’s where you can discover your most raw essence that has got you through your loneliest, harshest times.

That’s what you need to nurture back to yourself, so that it can be integrated in your wholeness.


You see, you were made to believe that unless others are able to appreciate and love you unconditionally, it’s not right for you to do it either. You have been wrongfully depriving yourself of self love, of the love that you could’ve given to you so easily. All your life you thought that, in order to survive, grow and expand, you needed to be loved by others, when in reality, all this time you only needed your own love and acceptance, which would’ve been always readily available to you.

Right here, right now, you have the choice to let yourself become overwhelmed with compassion, love and appreciation for the weak you, the one who has been longing for your recognition, the one who has been starved, blamed and rejected for so long.

Let it heal. Let it come back to you. Let it rise.

Blessed be!

*Excerpt from Namura's upcoming book "The Experience of Consciousness"

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