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The space beyond judgement

* Channelling the Hathors *

* Connecting to the energy of Venus and the archetype of the Empress *

Creation is coming from a state of wholeness, from being complete and feeling at one with everything and everyone. That’s a state beyond lack and doubt, a state of flow outside of judgement and fear.

We understand ourselves as Creators when we stop trying to understand ourselves, our lives, our journeys, our experiences and instead, we are able to completely accept it all as it is. Our state of self acceptance as we are in these very conditions is what makes us flow.

Creation is fluid, it never ends and it never starts. It’s the natural pulsation of life and it can’t be stopped. We are continuously creating ourselves and our reality. It just can’t be stopped.

The void, the non-created is just the silence, the pause that life needs to become aware of its creating potential. That’s the space of creation, the womb that holds the space for the seeds of life to develop.

Acceptance is what helps us drop the fight against ourselves and our natural flow of creation. That’s when we can surrender to the void, to our sacred space of creation, to our infinite potential… beyond our judgement, beyond the noise, beyond to doubts, beyond the fears. That’s where we can start to feel alive, unlimited, abundant, safe.

It’s in this space of pure creation that we can access the perception of our infinity and of our continuous, uninterrupted flow of creation, which doesn’t need any permission, any justification, any validation. It just is.

We just are.

We love you!

*Excerpt from Namura's upcoming book "The Experience of Consciousness"

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