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The Time Parameter

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

* Channelling my Spirit Guides*

Many of you find yourself at a point where you are aiming to design the next stage of your life, yet it might seem difficult to formulate your wishes, because you feel like you’re still missing some information. This in indeed the case, however this is not a problem as such. The perception of it being an impediment only comes from a need to control things. In reality, you don’t need to know what is to come. You just need to allow for it to unfold.

The more you allow, the more it will become clear to you which way you’re headed.

Your wish doesn’t need to occur in a specific way and also it doesn’t need to be related to a specific place or time, in order for it to work out well.

Time and location are relevant, but not in the way you imagine. In fact, it’s all about presence: present time, present space. Everything presents itself whenever and wherever is needed and you can’t miss it, as long as you are present yourself.

Within the space of Presence, everything is connected.

Time and space variation are just parameters within an equation. They are variables which are defining specific frames of manifestation, part of the encoded algorithm that is informing a particular state of being. They are not the result to be obtained, but, as we said, part of the design parameters.

This is why it’s not helpful to set up fixed time frames and, even less so, to see time as an achievement in itself. This is simply a misuse of energy.

It might help you to know that these parameters are actually set from the level of your Higher Self, of your Higher Mind, of your Divine Presence. That’s why we are often talking about “Divine Timing”. It’s not for the human mind to figure this out, just because it simply doesn’t have the means to do it.

Trying to control time and space from the level of the human mind is only hindering the development of the process. Aligning with Divine Timing, by simply observing its patterns and following them, is what makes it easy and effective. A good example that you all know very well is the way nature behaves.

Allow for your human mind to relax. There’s never any real time pressure. There’s no fixed date to be set as a milestone of achievement. Focusing on time itself is pointless. There is nothing to achieve about time. This is why people get so stressed about time milestones, because their energy is misdirected.

Focusing on achieving something within a specific time frame is creating inner conflict, because it is based on the false premise that this is of significance, which is not the case. This only becomes significant, because you associate a significance to it.

Things will work out well on a specific time frame, if that time frame is in accordance with their natural process of developments. Otherwise, there will be stress and a loss of energy and resources. Eventually things will collapse, because they are simply not based upon a sustainable frame.

Even in a situation that you would consider an emergency (end perhaps even more so in a such situation), you can easily see how stressing about how much time you have left is diminishing your ability to focus on the matter itself and it only makes everything more difficult.

Remember, we were saying that time is just a parameter that is part of the manifestation algorithm corresponding to a specific reality.

To explain this further, we wish to point out that the time frames that you often project are based on a very restricted, linear perception. As you know, time behaves in a much more flexible way, which is why we said that it is for the Higher Mind to deal with setting up the time parameters.

By trying to control time from the level of your linear perception, you only end up being stuck in it, simply because you allocate energy to it. The more you focus on time itself, the more Time is becoming an entity of its own, which feeds on your energy and resources.

This is creating deviations in the time-space continuum, which, as we said, keeps you trapped unnecessarily. You are creating these sticky contraptions which have no point whatsoever, but end up derailing your energy and focus.

They not only create delays, but they can also damage the health and integrity of the whole system based upon which your existence unfolds. This ends up affecting not only your environment, but also your body and mind, which are the source of your exterior emanations. It’s all running based upon a faulty algorithm, because you’ve been messing up with its parameters.

We wanted to bring this message in, so that you can relinquish the pressure that you tend to put on yourself about the way things should unfold going forward.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t only apply to time, but to all the parameters: the location, the people involved and all the circumstances.

Allow for Destiny to unfold.

Remove all resistance.

Quiet your mind.

Move swiftly.


Thank you for listening! Goodbye!

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