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You are made out of Pure Love

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

*Channelling Jeshua*

I am Jeshua. I love you more than anything in the world. People are my one and true love and I would do anything for people.

I can love you… I can help you…

Help is love, it’s coming out of love, it is an expression of love. So when I say “help”, this is not in the same sense that you sometimes think of it. People seek help because they feel dis-empowered. They look for a “higher” person, who they see as better then them, to come and provide them with "the help".

I see help as love. By giving you my love, I am not positioning myself above you. I am offering you a position of power and equality. It’s not about “help” in your sense of perception, it’s about love: joining our love and energies to create miracles.

What you are about to do cannot come from a place where you feel powerless or less than anything or anyone. It can only come from a position of empowerment and pure love. The light that you are seeking to manifest in your reality is just a manifestation of this love. It is love beyond understanding. Stop seeking knowledge and understanding and go back to focusing on love, and the understanding will come easily.

You are now trapped into a mindset where you are trying to figure out things with your short minds… and when I say “short” I don’t mean to be offensive, I’m just saying that the human mind still has limitations that yourself have imposed on it.

Nobody can take away who you are and what you are made of and this is Divine Energy. This is your only source of connection that you need. That’s where all your focus needs to be: on yourself and on your divinity.

People have come to recognise me as a Divine Being, because I was able to recognise myself as a Divine Being. I am not more and I’m not less than any of you. I have come on Earth to show you this, to show you who you are and I have been prosecuted, because people are afraid of recognising their own divinity.

Also you are afraid and you are prosecuting yourself every day, by not recognising your divinity, your pure core, the fact that you are made out of pure love. There is nothing else.

Once you recognise this, everything becomes possible. Everything is already possible, but you just don’t recognise it. So it is all about changing your perspective, embracing who you are. You don’t need to do it in a specific way and you don’t need to worry about how to do it. You know how to do it. You were born knowing that you are divine.

Nothing is difficult unless you believe it’s difficult and that’s what humans do: throughout their lives, they learn to convince themselves that things are very difficult, especially things that bring them joy, that bring them in touch with their true self.

You don’t have to do something, you just need to be who you are and it will all come back to you. Yes, it is now possible on Earth to be who you are and as you are.

The veil has lifted, you need to accept and acknowledge that.

Don’t hold onto your beliefs, they are disintegrating as we speak. This is why you feel this anxiety, because they are being lifted away from you, whether you want it or not. The more you hold onto it, the more anxiety you’ll have. Remove yourself from your mind and trust, just trust... and rejoice.

Don’t expect things to be worst from now on and don’t expect them to be better either. Don’t expect anything, because what is coming is beyond all expectations that your mind can figure out and formulate. Don’t even look into the future, because time itself is changing. The concepts of “future” and “past” are becoming truly very thin in you reality. So looking into the future is pointless now, as it is looking into the past. Just look into your present, look at yourself.

Thank you! Amen.

*Excerpt from Namura's upcoming book "The Experience of Consciousness"

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