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Crystalline Heart Connection

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

* Channelling the Arcturian Council of Light *

We are here to bring you news. We are the Arcturian Council of Light.

We are inviting to join in the Great Connection of Hearts those who are on Earth and those who are in other places, in other realms equally.

This is an opening for those who hear the call and resonate with it at this time, to join in a spiral of light, connecting through our hearts throughout the galaxy and thus creating a portal of heart ascension codes, that are opening a new dimension of our lives, wherever we may be. We are all ascending together, each in our way.

This channel, this spiralling portal that is being created, is indeed connected with the crystalline structure of the heart centres, which are now being upgraded and fine tuned to the frequency of this new dimension.

To join in this connection, identify in your heart centre a green diamond-shaped key and connect with it through your intention, attention and free will. It is your choice whether you wish to connect with this, with us, with this new level of experience or not. Follow your instincts. If it feels it right to you, go for it and if it doesn’t, don’t. It is important to be true to yourself.

Ascension is a joined effort, a joint process, because it is about ascending into oneness. When we say “joint process”, we aren’t only referring to humans or to the galaxy beings that are of humanoid form, but this joining of the hearts into oneness is also including other realms, like nature, the elements, the planets. It goes to all levels. Everything has a connection. Everything that is in existence has a consciousness, it has become conscious of its own being, at some point, in order to be manifested into matter, regardless of what frequency it vibrates on. We are extending this call to everything and everyone who resonates at this time.


Imagine this green diamond in your heart. Project it outside of you. Mirror it outside of you, in front of you, at a distance where you can perceive it, and imagine everyone creating the same projection… everyone who is part of this spiralling portal that we are opening now, together.

There have been centres activated around the world and in other places throughout the Galaxy, just so that this connection is stabilised. The Earth is opening up its gates of energy, allowing its energy to be utilised, and so are other planets and energy centres.

You have perceived recently an opening from Glastonbury and, even more recently, an opening from Machu Picchu. This is correct and these are the ones that you resonate more with at this time, but others are opening up, or about to open, to support this connection through their energy. Time is very fluid, remember. Some of these connections are opening in different times, some in what you perceive as the past, some in what you perceive as the future, but they are all participating in this connection.


Imagine, if you wish or visualize, if you can this spiral of diamond hearts connected in the centre through this mirrored projection of each and everyone’s heart. Even if you can’t see it or perceive it, know that it’s there, know that you are connected with everyone and you are now actively participating with your energy and your skills to this joint process.

Don’t worry to much about what this means or about what you’re supposed to be doing or whether you are doing it right or not. These are the mind’s questions that are not helpful or relevant at this time. What is relevant is your acceptance to be part of this joint process.

Things will unfold in a way where each of you will be connected to your own… [We are trying to avoid saying “path” or “mission” because these words have sometimes been overused or misused.] …Let’s say “with your true potential”.

You will be going through a period of adjustments of a few days (weeks for some). You might feel a bit tired and, if so, it helps to rest, to be in nature, to move, to drink water and be around water, especially running water.

Allow things to unfold and grow through you as they need to, rather than you trying to figure it out or force it into a specific direction. It also helps to keep this diamond-shaped key that you have in your heart, in your awareness. Keep this connection in your awareness and hold the space for it without expectations, without expecting it to do something, especially something that you think is right.

Let go of control and keep your attention to your heart, with gentleness, softness, perhaps with excitement. Let it grow in you, let your heart grow, expand, spiral, dance. Your heart needs to expand, to cope with this connection. The more you connect to your heart, the more it has the potential and the space to expand.

We love you very much.

Thank you for your work. Thank you for your connection.


* The video contains Light Language channelled in conjunction with the same energy that is coming through the message.

* Headphones recommended.

* Background music credits:

One Mind

528 hz DNA Healing/Chakra Cleansing Meditation/Relaxation Music "Sounds of Nature"

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