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The humble Master

Updated: May 19, 2022

*Channelling my Spirit Guides*

Being humble doesn’t mean that you don’t value yourself. On the contrary, the more you recognise and integrate your gifts, the more humble you become.

This is indeed a result of understanding your true value and being completely confident within your own power.

In this state, there is no need for external approval and confirmation. You don’t have the need to shout out your value so that others can see it. You know who you are and that’s enough. Your Ego has been tamed.

This is when you are not afraid that by sharing your gifts you will be left drained and poor. You know that your light is endless, same as your Divine Soul.

This is when you can truly listen to others and see the best in them, because you are not distracted by your own insecurities anymore.

This is when you don’t need to be right.

In its genuine expression, humbleness is a sign of true Self Mastery.


*Excerpt from Namura's upcoming book "The Experience of Consciousness"

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