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True dreams come true

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

* Channelling my Spirit Guides*

We understand that you are confused.

A simple way to get a sense of clarity is de-cluttering your space and your mind. You are distracted by too much information. You are trying too hard, in too many directions at the same time and this is fragmenting your energy and making you lose focus. When things get out of focus, they become unclear.

At this time, all this is happening due to your lack of trust: You find it difficult to trust that things will work out for you. This is based on fear and judgement. You are assuming failure when it’s not the case. Just because you’re not further down the road, it doesn’t mean that you have failed. You are where you need to be at this stage.

You have an inner guidance system that is keeping you on track. Even if there are detours and what you may consider to be delays, these are part of the journey.

You are navigating uncharted territory. We are referring not only to your projects, but to your own increasing awareness of yourself and your environment. You are forging a path for others, through yourself, and this is not straight forward.

It’s not meant to be straight forward either, because it’s in these detours and meanders where you learn how to navigate. If you want to carve a path on the mountain, it will have to wind and bend in order for it to be stable. Otherwise, the mountain itself will collapse onto you.

Apart from this, your lack of clarity also comes from you trying to seek refuge in a known territory. You are trying to deflect from what you are actually trying to achieve, because it doesn’t feel familiar to you. This brings it, again, out of focus.

You need to approach this a bit more “heads on”. You need to face it.

The way to do it, is by identifying clearly what you are trying to achieve and why. Forget about the “How?” and “When?” and “Where?” and “With who?”.

There is a level of honesty required, towards yourself. Be true about what you really want and don’t be afraid to say it as you really want it. There is no shame in that and no need for judgement.


Start by holding the space for yourself, in a way that makes you feel completely comfortable to express to yourself what you truly want.

Again: No judgement. There is no wrong or right about what you may want or feel that you need. There is no such thing as “too much to ask”. There is no such thing as “impossible” or “not for you” or “not at this time”. You are asking from yourself. It’s in your power to decide how much and what you give to yourself.

Whatever you give yourself, that’s exactly what you will have. No more, no less.

Ask for everything that you want. Everything that makes you happy. Everything that makes your life easier. Everything that allows you to relax, to feel safe and supported.

There are no restrictions and no limits to what you can give to yourself, except for those that you impose yourself. We mean that. This is not just pep talk, it’s how things work.


Set yourself in a clean and clear space, connect to your self and your truth. As we said, create that space of comfort and safety for you. You know how to do it.

Start making a list with what you want. Write it down. It’s important to write it down. This brings clarity, but also it formulates it, as you know. It brings it into manifestation.

Write and re-write, if needed, until you have a list with only things that make you happy and excited, then start speaking them out loud. Spend a bit of time with each of them, let them gain energy and momentum. Feed them with your voice, with your attention, with your energy. Feel the joy that they bring you. Let that joy fill your space, let it become present in your reality. Get lost in it, immerse yourself in it. Fully acknowledge their presence in your space.

This is what effectively creates the space for these things in your reality: your acknowledgement of it. Hold that space, going forward. Let it be there, let it gain consistence, substance, life.

Remember the lesson about co-creating with aspects of you? That’s what it is.

Recognise each of these wishes as aspects of you, and let them be. Let them grow and evolve, without forcing them in any direction, just following their path and letting it unfold. It will all unfold easily and naturally. There is no need for stress and pressure.

You can do it. Prepare for it and just do it. You will always have our support.

We love you!

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