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The Return to Innocence

This is a channelled transmission of the energy coming through as Jeshua, the archetypal embodiment of the Christ. It includes Light Language sequences and is not only bringing a beautiful message but also helps us with fully integrating it, by releasing fear and guilt and embracing the truth of our innocence and pure love.

The main aspects that are addressed are:

- Releasing the guilt related to our physical body

- Regaining full access to the extrasensory realm, by dismantling the limitations imposed on our senses

- Opening up to retrieve the bliss and joy of our human experience

- Embracing and embodying our inner truth, our power and freedom.

The Light Language drawing has been channelled in conjunction with the same energy and it can be utilised to further work on these aspects. This can be simply achieved by being present with the image and having a clear intention to allow for its encoded patterns and frequencies of light to create the required adjustments in you energy field.

Background music credits: Robert Haig Coxon - The Silent Path.

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